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MANLINESS Digital Magazine

Why have a digital magazine?

According to Foundr:

Digital magazines, when done right, can help you create a mass of loyal followers, generate some recurring capital and become positioned as an authority in your niche.

A magazine is the perfect multi-functional, front-end product for your business:

Marketing: It’s a great way for people to learn about your company and offers huge value to interested customers.

Building relationships: Magazines build trust between your business and your audience. Here at Foundr, we’ve also been able to use the magazine as a method to build trust and relationships with influencers as well.

Recurring revenue: Magazines are born for subscriptions, and if you play your cards right, you can depend on them for consistent and recurring income.

Influence: Nothing spells influence in your niche better than having a quality magazine going out regularly. It’s more work than a blog, but the dividends in influence are proportional.

Click here to see the sample digital magazine (old design.)