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The Six Muscles Women Love – And How to Develop Them

The Six Muscles Women Love – And How to Develop Them

      Women admire a well-developed body on a man, but what do they really look for? It’s no secret that men usually look for well-developed breasts and a shapely rear on a woman, but it’s not always so obvious what women like in a man. Every woman has their own specific preferences of course, but the following rank in the top ten things they look for in a man.

  • Six-pack abs. Very few women find a flabby gut attractive on man, and a well-developed set of abdominal muscles always ranks high in their preferences. Unfortunately, developing a six-pack is incredibly difficult. Developing a six pack takes serious dedication and involves two things. Firstly, you need to lose the fat that covers the abdominal muscles. Secondly, you need build and tone the muscles with exercises such as sit-ups.
  • Large biceps. The bicep muscles give shape and form to the upper-arms, and are another favourite with women. Developing large biceps is a mixture of lifestyle changes, diet and weight-training. Increasing protein and fibre in your diet is essential for bulking muscle. Bicep curls are the exercises to develop these muscles, and you need a balanced mix of different types of curls to ensure all round growth of the muscles. The key is to lift heavy weights and to do so slowly. Over time, increase the weight of the lifts, and you will soon see an increase in muscle mass.
  • A broad back. This may surprise some people as such a popular choice, but women repeatedly state their preference for a broad back in surveys. It helps to create the classic V-shaped torso which most women find very attractive. Because of the risk of injury, always ask for help before undertaking exercises to develop your back muscles. Resistance exercises such as pull-ups, pull-downs and rowing are all great for building bulk in the back
  • A big chest. This is perhaps a more obvious attraction to women. Just as men are attracted to women’s breasts, women find a toned chest very appealing in a man. The pectoral muscles, or ‘pecs,’ are the key to developing a large chest. Press ups are a great exercise for developing the chest, but to really bulk up the pecs some heavy weight lifting is needed. A bench press is the perfect piece of gym equipment, and you should be lifting on it three times a week to really develop the chest muscles.
  • Strong hamstrings. Women love firm, strong legs on a man, and the key to building your legs is to work on your hamstrings. The hamstrings run up the back of your leg from your knee to your butt. Deadlifts are the essential exercises for building bulk in the hamstring muscles. The more weight you can lift safely, the better your results will be. Building the hamstrings has positive effects on many other parts of the body, as they mean you can lift heavier weights to work other muscles. 
  • Sculpted shoulders. Combined with a broad back, sculpted shoulders can literally sweep a woman off her feet. Shoulders help to create that classic V-shape which has great appeal to women, and imply strength and power. The shoulders are made up of a group of muscles, and building mass in these muscles requires a combination of exercises. Shoulder press exercises and barbell rows are the classic ways of building firm shoulders.

      A well-balanced gym routine can target the different muscle groups described in this article. Rest days are as important as the intensive workout days, and muscles need time to rest and recover between lifting. If you aren’t experienced training with weights, always ask for help to avoid the risk of injury.

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