Take Your Mornings Back

These Easy Tips Will Make Your Morning Great

When was the last time you had a great morning?

I don’t mean waking up without hitting snooze 37 times or getting your tie knot perfect on the first try. I mean a really great morning?

Let’s be clear… I’m talking about the kind of morning where you wake up full of energy. You’re ready to face the day. You even have time for a proper breakfast—one you don’t have to unwrap and put in a microwave.

On a morning like this, you’re not running behind. You’re ahead of the curve. It’s a great feeling. So why is it so rare to come by?

Sure, a great morning can happen on its own… But why leave it to chance? The truth is, it’s totally in your control. It just requires a bit of planning.

This infographic below from the folks at Entrepreneur.com combines insight and research from productivity and sleep experts alike. The result? You’ll do more than just take back your morning. Follow these to add valuable hours to your week… And have more time for the things—and people—you love most.

From setting a nightly ritual and rethinking your wakeup time to avoiding TV and busy work… These simple tips are all you need to become a morning person. Or close to it.


Which of these tips are you planning on trying tomorrow? Let us know in the comments, below. Better yet, share this with a fellow gentleman to help them get the most out of their mornings.

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