how to tie a windsor knot

How To Tie A Perfect Windsor In Under 2 Minutes

Your shirt is pressed. Your suit is flawless. Your shoes shine brilliantly. You even managed to pull off a pocket square without being too gaudy. (Nicely done, by the way). But there’s a single piece of fabric that could bring down your whole operation…

Your tie.

There are more than a few knots to choose from… Over 177,000 according to some calculations… It’d take you six lifetimes to wear each of them once. And that’s if you wore a tie every day of the year.

In other words, you’ve got plenty to choose from. But there’s one knot every man needs to know how to tie. That’s the Windsor knot. I don’t mean the half Windsor, either. I’m talking about the big daddy.

Don’t know how to pull one off? Neither did I. Then I came across this gem from our friends over at

So there you have it. You’ll want to practice to really get it down to a science. My advice? Try to tie one during the commercial breaks of live TV shows or sports. That’s what I did.

One more thing… You’re going to fail. A lot. But don’t let that stop you. It’ll get easier with each attempt. And don’t be afraid to manipulate the knot with your fingers. This’ll keep help you make fine adjustments for better symmetry and a sharper triangle shape.

Give it a try. Let us know how it goes. Prefer a different knot? We want to know… So leave a comment below.

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