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Four Steps To The Best Shave Of Your Life

With the last few episodes of Mad Men among us, it seems like just about every guy we know is feeling a little more old-fashioned…combing their hair with a little more care, spending a little more time to tie that perfect Windsor knot, or ordering cocktails slightly out of their pay grade.

But let’s be honest…

There are few things classier—or more intimidating—than a straight-razor shave.

Mastering this lost art may seem like a waste of time. And to an extent, I’m tempted to agree at first. After all, we live in the age of 6-bladed, vibrating, space-age gimmick razors… But those who have this ritual down swear a straight blade is the only way to do it.

Not sure if it’s for you? Well, the folks over at Classic Shaving have put together everything you need to know into a handy info graphic.


Do you have a preferred method of shaving? What’s your secret for the perfect shave? Help spread the word to your fellow man, below.

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